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Keeper of the Seven Keys: Letter 1
Letter from Lesley Blackmore to Ezio Falcionari. Dated May 23, 1987.
Dear mentor,
I am reaching the ends of the romanian country as you requested. I apologize now for the lack of correspondence but a lot has happened and I have to put my mind in the right place to write again, and recollect everything properly.
First, I will say that some of your fears are confirmed, though they might not be what they seemed at first. Meaning, they might not be as bad as we thought.
You were the one that told me to keep a very open mind and accept life in all its forms. I say the same back to you now.
The supernatural superstitions of our world have been shaped by myth and rumor mostly, but there is indeed some basis on actual events as you told. Worst of all, the biggest fear you had, it is indeed by the hand of humanity that this came to be in the first place. And now, I too, fear that what you told of Lucifer is more plausible by the discoveries I made.
There is evidence tracked all over England and
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Seer of Vision's Journal
The Seer of Vision's Journal
May 23, 1987.
Today will be riddled with a lot of details and tales. If I'm guessing correctly, the first person to read this is the young grasshopper. My dear, boy, I apologize for what you will read will probably raise even more questions that I cannot answer at present, but despair not! All will come at it's due time! And it's always important for you to never despair! It's to bring the last hope as you said!
I'm starting to write this at early in the morning, this reminded me of my young days and how the powers of procrastination would prevent me in partaking on intellectual exercises like this. Now I can't live without writing something down, or at least talking about it. It's kind of fun to see myself become that wise old figure that tells of distant tales of distant lands. I am only glad this does not show as much in my exterior, a little bit of vanity if you would allow me. And so, today shall be a day full of writing, for there's much on my mind th
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Bottled Messages and Windows
I need to become an explorer, it's the only way I could get out of this situation; it's the only outcome!
Here I am, claiming to have no reality when all I'm doing is prove I'm another hypocrite.
What have I done to prove my claims anyway? Sure there have been a few instances in which I know I'm telling the truth, but that can be experienced by any meatbag in any universe. That's certainly not enough, this stuff requires me to go as far as I can.
It's a journey that can begin anywhere. Look inside of you to find that hidden gateway, and you will be witnessing another world, another reality, perhaps another universe, but definitely another creation.
I seek to lose my grip on reality now, only to come back again as a vessel of both dimensions!
I'm neither a hero nor a false prophet, this can be done by anyone and I'm pretty sure it has been pulled off in the past. Do you think some patients in the mental asylum even know they're actually there? It's a surprise I haven't given one of thos
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In which the hive mind is explained
Dear spectators, I talked about the bloody universal mess. But before that, there was a stability of sorts, we the Malkavians had this thing we call the Madness Network, a conglomeration of the many minds of those who came before and those who still live. Somehow, the most insane beings in kindred existence, with their extreme variations of their many twisted thoughts were able to communicate together in a way. I believe this with all of my being, those voices that might pop at some point are that, if not Malkav himself. Some of the other crazy might say I'm crazy myself for thinking this. Whether you're a believer or not you're in this network.
What is this then? Why does it happen to us? In this moment of lucidity that I have acquired thanks to the crossing of the dimensional boundries, I have a theory:
Our insanity is leading us into the ultimate sanity, not just that, it's leading us into an evolution, maybe the next step for man, for vampire, or both. All of us are acquainted with
:iconkhaiden:Khaiden 1 1
Bloody Universe
''What is a man? But a miserable pile of secrets!''
I sat up. The bed was wet, I was sweating immensely. I have been dreaming random scenes with people I don't know for a while now. I like to believe these are real and had some importance, somewhere... or will have.
Had I been 6 months younger I would have asked myself what the hell was going on, but now I knew better... or so I think. This dimension hopping is driving all of us mad, even the Malkavians, I don't know how it's possible but it has caused them to act even madder than usual, they claim this is what Malkav envisioned, and the 'Madness Network' will soon spawn a new entity.
''You're a Malkavian too, you damned fool!'' yelled someone next to me.
I could only blink, I didn't turn around to see who it was, probably one of the many voices from the Madness Network. But they were right, I WAS part of the crazy clan too, it's easy to forget things when they're not that important to you, even as a vampire. And besides, the recent wo
:iconkhaiden:Khaiden 3 0
Your legacy is mine
What a horrible way to die, you run out of breath, and the natural impulse is to move your arms hopelessly trying to reach for something that will save you... yet you can't, the heavy dirt, which is also crushing you, won't allow you.
That is what buried alive truly means.
And yet, drawing the forces of darkness I feel joy. I have done what needed to be done, I let him chokeslam me into the pit, and then drop 6 feet of dirt to win the match.
We had gone through WrestleMania, a Casket match, Hell in a Cell and many memorable moments throughout our rivalry, throughout a feud in which I wanted to claim his powers and become the next Phenom... the next Lord of Darkness... Reaper of Wayward Souls... the most dangerous entity to have ever step foot in that ring... the next Undertaker.
A dark presence, a wild card is always needed, and what would happen when that man is gone? This was my mission, to ensure the people would keep watching a supernatural presence that strikes fear in the faces o
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No idea
You have no idea what awaits you….
It’s an invasión in  your body, a desire to change and abandon your former life, gaining strenght and happiness with that red liquid that gives so much life.
You vermin, stealing it from other people, it has come down to this… you could have had other choices, there are many other ways to gain the vital substance, you can also choose well the poor unfortunate souls like that Vampire Princess called Miyu.
Yet still, you enjoy doing this, the evilness inside of you rejoicing as it finally takes it’s form as you give into it… or do you?
What if there’s a way to go back? What if this thing does  not need to go into all eternity? Without having the worries of so many groups chasing you and having to be loyal, without of couse forgetting the fact that you feed on other people’s blood. Is there really a way out of this no-life? Is that path about to be reborn for you to take it again and lead a norm
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Tales Of A Kindred - Chapter 2
Chapter 2 - Change Of Mind
The three were walking though a corridor, in front of dozens of door, each one with a number in them, some even decorated. They finally reached the first floor were there was some sort of hall which had a lot of armchairs, all of them separated by a table, there was a man guarding the door. ''Going out at this time?'' said the man politely.
''Yes we are, my friend is feeling a little bad, so we think he needs a bit of fresh air'' replied Naitmer in the same way as the man. ''Oh, really? sorry to hear that Cristian, his face looks a bit pale'' said the man glancing at Cristian '' C'mon boy! cheer up a bit, it's not like life is over!''. Raven and Naitmer giggled as they opened the door to the outside.
''Uhhh... what time is it?'' asked Cristian, he just realized it looked a little late. ''It's 11:00 pm, you might want to know that today is Tuesday'' replied Raven. ''Tuesday? I've been asleep for two days?!'' said Cristian. ''Yes, you've been, I've been watchin
:iconkhaiden:Khaiden 1 0
Tales Of A Kindred - Chapter 1
Chapter 1 – Stormy Life
Cristian was almost awake, he felt like an eternity have passed since he felt that pain, he was wondering why isn’t he dead, why can he still feel alive? His life was passing through his eyes as he suddenly felt his body moving from the cold floor of his apartment to a nice and soft bed. He was starting to think he was in heaven, though, he had no idea why he wasn’t able to open up his eyes. Cristian suddenly had a flashback of one night…
The rain was covering the windows of the house, making it all look blurry, thunders were rumbling and lightning flashing, a man was watching the outside, his face was barely reflected in the glass, though, he still managed to see a car arrive. He walked to the door just at the moment the bell rang, a youngster with wet clothes and a very damaged umbrella waved at Cristian as he opened the door. ‘’My god, look at you, what the hell happened?’’ shouted Cristian at the youngster, apparently
:iconkhaiden:Khaiden 1 0
Tales Of A Kindred
March 20, 2001
‘’Thanks a lot Ethan, this is exactly what I wanted!’’ said a tall man. He had mid-long brown hair and blue eyes, he looked like he was 17 years old, however, he was celebrating his 21st Birthday. ‘’Hey Cristian! Turn up the volume of the music!’’ a very beautiful girl yells, she had black hair, almost the same length as Cristian’s, she also had purple eyes, something that weirdely suited her perfectly, she looked very attracting. She was talking to some other girls as Cristian turned up the volume. She exchanged looks of happiness with Cristian.
Cristian’s apartment was decorated specially for the party, he had cleaned all his apartment before the first guest arrived, he even painted his apartment with a color red that suited with the furniture, since most of them were white or red.
A man was watching Cristian from a table, he had Dark Brown eyes and black short hair, he was smiling too as he watched Cristian ex
:iconkhaiden:Khaiden 1 0
Lin Kuei Ice by Khaiden Lin Kuei Ice :iconkhaiden:Khaiden 2 3 My First Signature by Khaiden My First Signature :iconkhaiden:Khaiden 0 0


Dragonball Super Tournament of Power Simulator by kenshinmeowth Dragonball Super Tournament of Power Simulator :iconkenshinmeowth:kenshinmeowth 20 37 kamen rider gaim by daakuman kamen rider gaim :icondaakuman:daakuman 276 69 Kamen Rider Gaim-Warlord Arms by tuanenam Kamen Rider Gaim-Warlord Arms :icontuanenam:tuanenam 203 62 Kamen Rider Raijin by RiderB0y Kamen Rider Raijin :iconriderb0y:RiderB0y 131 45 Sonic The Hedgehog And Friends Wallpaper by SonicTheHedgehogBG Sonic The Hedgehog And Friends Wallpaper :iconsonicthehedgehogbg:SonicTheHedgehogBG 883 68 Deceptive Interception by Cacti Deceptive Interception :iconcacti:Cacti 1,752 929 All Kamen Riders by Taiko554 All Kamen Riders :icontaiko554:Taiko554 348 332 [FLASH] Kamen Rider GAIM Arms Change v17.61.5 BETA by crimes0n [FLASH] Kamen Rider GAIM Arms Change v17.61.5 BETA :iconcrimes0n:crimes0n 1,177 2,211
Kane - The Monster Unleashed
Out of the Fire
I emerge from my Hell,
In the shadows you hear
the final toll of a bell!
Burnt as a child
hurt as a teen,
Haunting the Darkness
I stalk thou unseen!
The hate that I feel
rips at my being,
So pure it won't heal
denying my feeling!
Released from my mask
broken free of my shell,
The Monster is out
to unleash all HELL!
:iconspawnreaper:SpawnReaper 15 6
Old School Kane by CrystallineColey Old School Kane :iconcrystallinecoley:CrystallineColey 59 57 Kane by LuisPuig Kane :iconluispuig:LuisPuig 205 74 Kane's Mask by asukakanzaki Kane's Mask :iconasukakanzaki:asukakanzaki 118 45 The DoomsDay Zone by Zlydoc The DoomsDay Zone :iconzlydoc:Zlydoc 1,129 106
Johnny Cage's Greatest Hits
Here we look over the greatest films of noted actor Johnathon Carlton, best known as "Johnny Cage".
- Ninja Mime -
Johnny Cage plays the part of Rene, a mime who, after a chance encounter with a legendary ninja, silently embarks on a quest to rid the world of "the ninja menace". All this without making a sound. Was a severe flop in America, bt was strangely popular in France.
"I feel as if Johnny Cage just shot two hours of my life outta me with a spread gun. What a waste of time." Sizzle
"Whatever Cage was on when he made this film, I want him to send ten kilos of it to my office at once." E. Bert.
"That was pathetic!" Shao Kahn, Royal Emperor of Outworld
"That was fun!" Her Royal Mjesty, Queen Sindel of Edenia
- Dragon Fist 1, 2 and Son Of Dragon Fist -
In this trilogy of films, Cage plays Ryuken Seinotatakai, a Japa
:iconmightykombat:MightyKombat 3 4
WWE Undertaker by scrik WWE Undertaker :iconscrik:scrik 410 135 Kamen Rider X by dietPepsi Kamen Rider X :icondietpepsi:dietPepsi 8 4



At last! I have returned to DeviantArt! After my exile of inactivity, I, Khaiden, the Alternative Entity has come back to stay!

There's not much that I can say, what you see here is what you get, just Literature. No other form of art, I draw like a kindergartener. But it should be texts that keep you entertained at least!

Current Residence: Utopia
Favourite genre of music: Almost All
Favourite photographer: Ichimonji Hayato and Kadoya Tsukasa
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: My Mind
Shell of choice: Bowser's
Personal Quote: I take no sides... I'm not good nor evil, I am the Alternative Entity! Neutral, but active.

October 31. For most people it's Halloween. For me it's indeed that too, but that carries with it something much bigger, and this year even more.

Where many people marathon horror thriller movies, read books of a similar sort, go trick-or-treating, go to a costume party, wait for Great Pumpkin to arise (which I do too, but that's not my point), etc. I listen to a 3-hour long epic playlist composed of the songs found in the Keeper of the Seven Keys albums (Part 1, Part 2 and The Legacy) by Helloween.

That's how it all started, I decided one day to listen to both Parts 1 and 2 in one sitting, but then decided to add The Legacy as well. For some reason, I also decided to rearrange the songs. I think the main intention was to have the eponymous song be the one that finishes the playlist.

And so, as I was arranging the songs, I couldn't help myself and arranged them in such a way that they would tell a story, based on the one the eponymous song is telling itself.

Summarizing it briefly: It's about a hero, who is called the Keeper of the Seven Keys, using them to lock the seven seas. It's implied that thanks to the seas Satan has been unleashed on earth and is already well on his way to conquering/destroying it. By locking the seven seas (which each have a sin or something similar, like ignorance or senselesness) Satan is destroyed.

That's more or less the main story of what I'm going to write for the coming NaNoWriMo. This has nothing to do with July's Camp NaNoWriMo project.

Today, I finished reading Dracula by Bram Stoker, which is an epistolary novel (meaning it's told through letters, journals, and other documents). It inspired me to do something similar for the coming project. I'm not going to present my novel in that format, but I am going to write journals, letters, newspaper articles, etc. to go along my novel. This is where DeviantArt comes in. Here, will be the space I'll use to publish those documents. Whether they'll actually be featured in the novel or not is something I haven't decided yet. 

My goal atm is to done daily, with the idea that each tells of what I wrote for that day, or what I'm about to write. Alternately, it can be something unrelated that I have not told about in the novel, or that I'm about to tell much, much later. I am not exactly sure if I'll be able to do it daily (as I won't make this part of my word count and I'm already putting a lot of work and time in the writing of the book itself) but I will try my best to do it frequently. It should be good to finally upload a lot of writing to DeviantArt as I had wanted to for years.

*You can stop reading here if you'd like, for the following details go deeper and might seem unnecessary, but I think they must be mentioned:

My yearly ritual (which I can't remember if it started in 2008 or 2009) of listening to that playlist has changed slightly. I took it upon myself to further modify the playlist as I felt the order of the songs could use some work. I also added the b-sides of the singles of the albums. Originally, I didn't add them because I felt they weren't really part of the Keeper of the Seven Keys albums, but I simply said ''What the hell'' and added them anyway. I am now with a new playlist that has now a lot of modifications, but still tells pretty much the same story I originally intended. It still could change though, the ordering might seem a bit awkward as Part 1 (I should mention now that it's divided in parts, which is due to the introductory songs Initiation and Invitation which I just couldn't leave out) has a huge difference in the number songs Part 2 has. Which is because the latter has the three 13-minute epics that are part of each album: Halloween, The King for a 1000 Years & Keeper of the Seven Keys. This sometimes makes me feel the parts are unbalanced, but alas, I don't think I have more time to further modify the playlist because in a few hours, I will listen to it (more on that in a moment). All in all, it seems each one runs more or less an hour and a half, so in regards to time it is balanced. Overall the playlist is about 3-3.5 hours long. 

Now, on the ''ritual'' itself: This year it's much more important, because it's the prologue to NaNoWriMo. I'm not merely going to listen to it, I am also going to write down any ideas that come to mind at the moment as I do. There's also the fact that unfortunately, I did not get to any of the planning I intended to do in the previous days. Without that planning it will feel a bit daunting and awkward to just jump into the novel as I learned in my past NaNoWriMo experience (I'm not that much of a pantser, I'm more of a planner). I still don't have any character name, the only ones I have are those the albums already provide (Dr. Stein, The Invisible Man, Seer of Visions, etc.). I do have a thousand ideas raining on my mind, but there's still such fundamental details as a character name that I need to plan already. So, in this ritual I will also have to write about that. I might actually start doing it before. Everytime I've listened to that playlist new ideas have come and gone, but I hope that today it is even more substantial than in previous years. 

And so, I will welcome the official National Novel Writing Month. Some other things that have happened in my life have made this be some great timing. Which brings me to my next point: NaNoWriMo is all throughout November and what is the last day before that? Why, Halloween! Earlier in this year when I sought out to take part in this event I could not stop laughing and screaming in delight at the perfect timing this had. And so, my ritual has to be much more meaningful today.

The main goal is the NaNoWriMo goal: 50,000 words. If I reach this it will be enough of a victory to me. When I won succesfully in July, I was still left with an unfinished novel, only halfway through. At that time, I did not know if that one would take longer than 50k. This time, however, I'm absolutely certain that this project extends far beyond that word count. If I can, I'll go beyond that, but I have limited time and health for that, so just achieving those first 50k words will be more than enough to me. I do not know if I finish the rest of the novel through another NaNoWriMo. Of course, I should also mention the fact that what one finishes in this event, is only a first draft. The NaNoWriMo mentality is one in which your inner editor is on vacation, and you must write, write, write, write, write! Without looking back! Editing and revising are to come at a later, much final stage.

Finally, some more details on my Keeper project: This is clearly using names of the copyrighted work it's based on. It is my vision, yes, but based only on the ideas and visions of others: Michael Weikath, Michael Kiske, Ingo Schwichtenberg, Markus Grosskopf, Kai Hansen, Sascha Gerstner, Dani Loble & Andi Deris, Helloween. Originally, it was my intention to ask them if I could publish it with their permission, if I could not, it would be uploaded to the internet as fanfiction. Realizing that getting a hearing or a meeting with them just for this reason is nearly impossible, thinking they'll most likely say no and realizing how much I wanted to publish this story, I changed my future plans to modifying the novel so that it's titled something different than Keeper of the Seven Keys and names like Dr. Stein are changed. We'll see exactly how this changes the content. For this November, though, I'll just write without that in mind.

Ambitious as I am, I also decided, shortly after I realized I would write a story based on the Keeper playlist, that I would also do a complete series, with each book based on an album by Helloween. So everything after Keeper of the Seven Keys, Part 2 would be made into a book too. The studio albums only. Yes, even Chameleon and Keeper of the Seven Keys: The Legacy, even though I'm already incorporating much of the latter into the initial novel. Ah, yes, I should also mention that I intend to write the ''novel'' as two separate novels. It would be a single story but I might have to publish it separately. It is my intention that it's very friggin' long, which is why I know 50k won't be nearly enough. So, there: Part 1 and Part 2. Walls of Jericho would later be published as a prequel to everything. Unarmed might be released as a short story compilation (perhaps as an epistolary novel!) that's not considered part of the main series. Or, it might be, I don't know at this early stage.

I should clarify that I am a pumpkin-head, a Helloween fan, and always will be, I do not intend to misinterpret or do anything wrong with their visions, and if at any point I'm straying too far from it, I'll probably stop saying it's so based on the work of Helloween. I am an apostle of the Music God, I believe there's something good in any manifestation of music and it's indeed a world-unifying language. For me to pick such a thing as a favorite band was inconceivable for many years, because I never claimed to have a favorite genre of music and never will. So, to do something like that for a single artist or a band couldn't have been possible. But Helloween's musical directions, philosophical and spiritual visions, overall sense of humour and outlook on life have agreed so much with mine that it feels like I was born to be their fan. And so, Helloween is my favorite band, and always will be. What I will write about is not at all intended to represent my unoriginality or plagiarism, but rather something that represents how much they have gotten to me. 

And so, let us go into NaNoWriMo. A month-long epic journey, much bigger than July's. For a reward (because it's a good idea to have those, as recommended by many veteran Wrimos) I have Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. It came out two days ago, but I will not allow myself to play it until November is over (and the first two weeks of December because it will be closing my current semester and it will be terribly busy with exams and assignments!). If you read everything you have my many thanks!

  • Listening to: The Keeper's Trilogy by Helloween


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